Dr Giselle Sholler

Chair, Beat Childhood Cancer

I am currently the Endowed Haworth Family Director of the Innovative Therapeutics Clinic and Director of Pediatric Oncology Research, and Head of the Pediatric Oncology Translational Research Laboratory at Levine Children's Hospital. I am Associate Professor at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.  The support and infrastructure of these institutions and their dedication to children creates an environment where innovative research and therapies can be brought forward to children.


As the chair and lead investigator of the Beat Childhood Cancer consortium (formerly NMTRC) and through preclinical work done within my laboratory, I have successfully opened 18 Phase I and II trials for relapsed or refractory medulloblastoma and neuroblastoma patients as well trials using Molecular Guided Therapy in children with relapsed cancers.

The Beat Childhood Cancer consortium is a collaborative team of 40 universities and children’s hospitals that have joined together to offer a national network of clinical trials. I am committed to developing novel therapies and to working closely with collaborating investigators to share and perform innovative laboratory research leading to clinical trials.

My laboratory focus is primarily in the study of DFMO in neuroblastoma complementing our interest in this for maintenance therapy for neuroblastoma for which we have opened 5 clinical trials. Further understanding of this drugs mechanism and combination therapies will help guide further studies. I have a strong track record of working closely with investigators studying neuroblastoma and other pediatric cancers and this collaborative environment provides the constant availability of innovative perspectives that drives my research forward and ultimately makes a difference in the daily lives of children living with cancer.