In 2021, BCC launched their new Precision Medicine Program also termed the In:Formation Project. The program’s vision is that all children with cancer will have complete genomic sequencing and analysis of their tumors at both diagnosis and all relapses. This information CAN help us understand each child and their cancer with the goal of improving outcomes. There are two arms to the BCC In:Formation Project, Clinical and Research. As part of the research arm, when children enroll on the BCC-BIO-001 Clinical Trial, we combine ALL clinical data, genomic data, outcome data, and lab research data into a database usable by all BCC collaborators to study and analyze this data together.

The In:Formation Project – BCC Precision Medicine Program Experience

All Cancers:

Tumors Sequenced using Whole Exome/Whole Transcriptome Sequencing
Patients Enrolled on IN:Formation Study (BCC-BIO-001)
Patients Presented at the Molecular Tumor Boards

Collect database of clinical information, patient treatment, responses, EFS, OS

DNA Exome Sequencing and RNA Transcriptome at diagnosis and relapses

Bioinformatic Analysis of DNA and RNA with Literature search

Host Molecular Tumor Boards Clinical Recommendation

Create cell lines and Xenograft models for tumors collected at biopsy/surgery

Collaborate with researchers, sharing data, tumor tissue, cell lines, etc.