[cs_content][cs_element_section _id=”1″ ][cs_element_row _id=”2″ ][cs_element_column _id=”3″ ][cs_element_text _id=”4″ ][cs_content_seo]The Pediatric Oncology Translational Research Laboratory (POTRL) at Atrium Health is truly unique with the work being done supporting active clinical trials, as well as looking at preclinical models that will eventually lead to future clinical trials and novel drug combinations. Research is often thought of as being decades away from the clinic, but here, the work is actively helping patients today.
The main areas of research within the Pediatric Oncology Translational Research Laboratory include personalized medicine through the Precision Medicine Program, neuroblastoma research, ewing sarcoma research, rhabdomyosarcoma research, and rare brain tumor research (including DIPG, ETMR, and ATRT).\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_column][cs_element_column _id=”5″ ][cs_element_image _id=”6″ ][/cs_element_column][/cs_element_row][cs_element_row _id=”7″ ][cs_element_column _id=”8″ ][cs_element_text _id=”9″ ][cs_content_seo]Research Laboratory Staff
Pediatric Oncology Translational Research Laboratory
Beat Childhood Cancer
1000 Blythe Blvd,
Cannon Research Room 303,
Charlotte, NC 28203

Kimberly McKinney, MS – Lab Manager
Kaitlyn Smith, PhD – Research Scientist
David Mulama, PhD – Research Scientist
Divya Gandra, MSc – Research Technician III
Nicolas Tastet, BS – Research Technician II
Poornima Gourabathini, MS – Research Technician II
2 pending open PhD positions\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_column][/cs_element_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”10″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”11″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”12″ ][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”13″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”14″ ][cs_element_image _id=”15″ ][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”16″ ][cs_element_image _id=”17″ ][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”18″ ][cs_element_image _id=”19″ ][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][/cs_content]